eConsult Triage Appointments



Dear Patient

Our surgery uses an E-consult Triage system - an appointment with a Clinician can only be authorised by a Clinician. 

When you phone reception for an appointment our reception staff will ask you for your details and a short description of why you want to see the Clinician.

The Clinician will then phone you back and based on the nature of your problem will:

  • give you an appointment 
  • deal with your problem over the phone 
  • or direct you to another service

In the event you do not wish to discuss your symptoms with reception staff please say so.  However, without relevant information, the Clinician will be unable to prioritise your call accordingly.

Please give our reception staff as much detail as possible as this will help our clinicians to prioritise who we phone back first.  

Please be assured our staff are compelled to follow the same rules of confidentiality that a Doctor does. 

We believe this system will ensure that patients who need to see a Doctor will get to see one quickly. 

Thank You 

Doctors and Staff

Ballochmyle Medical Group

Local Services, Let Maureen Leggat
Local Services, Let Maureen Leggat