Our practice hosts the following services and clinics:


  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationBlood sugar measurement and urine test. Dietician for advice on diet. Podiatrist for advice on foot care.


  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationPeak flow monitoring. Inhaler technique. New medications. Nebuliser service.

Secondary Prevention Clinic

  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationFor all patients with heart disease.

Paediatric Surveillance

  • Held byDoctor And Health Visitor (Mauchline Only)
  • Additional Information6-8 weeks check carried out by health visitor and doctor.

    24 months, 39 months and 5 year checks carried out by health visitor.


  • Held byMidwife
  • Additional InformationTo monitor your health during pregnancy and to monitor the health of your unborn child.

Weight Wise

  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationAdvice on weight reduction. Advice on healthy eating. Ask at reception.

Stop Smoking

  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationTo encourage and help patients to stop smoking. Ask at reception.

Minor Surgery

  • Held byDoctor And Practice Sister
  • Additional InformationRemoval of cysts, lumps etc. Warts and verrucae treated with liquid nitrogen.

    Appointments made through your doctor.


  • Held byDr Morrison

COPD Clinic

  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationReview medication and holistic care.

Hypertension Clinic

  • Held byPractice Sister/Health Care Assistant
  • Additional InformationTo monitor your blood pressure, review medication, discuss lifestyle changes.

Warfarin Clinic

  • Held byPractice Sister/Health Care Assistant
  • Additional InformationTo monitor your blood level and review medication.

ISH Clinic

  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationFor all patients aged 55-75 who are not on antihypertensive drugs. Blood pressure will be taken, medication reviewed and possible lifestyle changes discussed.

Family Planning

  • Additional InformationAdvice from doctor or practice sister.

Travel Immunisation

  • Additional InformationThe practice will only administer Revaxis (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio) and Hepatyrix (Hepatitis A/Typhoid). vaccines.

    For travel advice patients can attend at either:
    • Glasgow Travel Clinic (located at Glasgow Airport)  
    Tel: 0141 221 4224
    • Ayrshire Central Travel Clinic, Kilwinning Road, Irvine
    Tel: 01563 827970
    • Emcare Travel Clinic, Hope Street, Glasgow Tel: 0141 404 0075  

    The practice does provide this service, however there is a cost involved per patient. The practice should be contacted to obtain further information regarding this service.
    The practice does not prescribe any anti-malarial medication.

Travel Vaccinations

  • Additional InformationTRAVEL VACCINATION ADVICE: if you require an appointment for Travel Vaccination Advice then a fee of £20 per patient will be charged. This fee is payable before the patient(s) attend for their appointment(s). Requests should be submitted eight weeks prior to travel date.

    Please ask at Reception for more details.

Cervical Screening

  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationAn appointment will be sent to you.

Stresswise Clinic

  • Held byPractice Sister

Childhood Immunisations

  • Held byHealth Visitors
  • Additional InformationPrimary immunisations for children aged 2, 3, 4 months.
    Booster immunisations for children aged 12 months.
    Primary immunisation for children aged 13 months.
    Booster immunisation for children aged 13 months.
    Booster immunisations for children aged 3 and 5 years.


  • Additional InformationPodiatrist available at Mauchline and Catrine on a weekly basis.

Flu Vaccination

  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationAsk at reception. Details of when this will be available will be displayed in the surgery.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

  • Held byPractice Sister or Your Doctor
  • Additional InformationDetails of when this will be available will be displayed in the surgery.

Primary Cardiac Clinic

  • Held byPractice Sister

Men’s Health Clinic

  • Held by Practice Sister

GP Unit

  • Additional InformationWe have beds in a local hospital which we can use for our patients.

Periodic Reviews

  • Additional InformationPatients Not Seen Within 3 Years
    If a patient between the ages of 16-74 has not been seen for three years then they can make an appointment for a review consultation (this does not necessarily need to be with a GP). These appointments are available on request.

    Patients Aged 75 And Over
    Elderly patients who have not been seen for over a year can request a consultation for a '75 and over' review appointment. If the patient is unable to attend the surgery then a member of the clinical team will visit at home.

Minor Illness Clinic

  • Held byPractice Sister
  • Additional InformationEvery day one of our practice sisters runs a minor illness clinic, treating a range of conditions which can be dealt with by the sisters, but there is always a doctor on the premises should a prescription be required, or medical help needed.

Non-NHS Medicals

  • Additional InformationAll non-NHS medicals eg HGV, fitness for sport, life medicals etc are chargeable and are by appointment only. Contact reception re cost.

To attend one of these clinics please ring our reception on 01290 456001.

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